I’ll work on the locket some other time. Pfftt.  The designs above are for the Ever After Ball. Yay. Good ending. y e y. 

So some ideas I have came up with is having the Dark Forest look like a prettyyy looking Enchanted Forest well ha ha H ah hA NO IT ISN’T. It is only safe as long visitors mean no harm. Now more facts!

- In Gothel’s Grave, Most of the insects/animals there are red. It’s a total nightmare if a visitor comes there during a Red Moon. [I even have a theme for this part of the Forest; Sadness Waltz by Charlie Mole]

- In the Dark Forest, most of the insects/animals are all cute and shniz. Although most may seem harmless, the little guys on the far right are called “patties” b/c they are attracted to dead meat. It’s also that they are small enough to fit any hands (except for babies).  

I’m thinking in the end, Hiccup and Astrid becomes King and Queen (I’ll explain this some other time.) As for Jack and Tooth, they decide to travel together more often helping other villages. They stay living as commoners while keeping their prince/princess status b/c they grew up as commoners.

[Edit: It’s actually Dark Forest not Dark Woods. Whoops. ]